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Nilaya's Dryfruits

Interior Design, Branding

Ahmedabad, 2018

Inspired by the countless varieties of sweet, sour, juicy, dry, hard, and soft natural healthy dried fruits and chocolate, the brand reflects the same joy and playfulness a child experiences in a candy shop. Nilaya's Dryfruits is a retail space that showcases a wide array of dried fruits, chocolates, and other international sweets. The brand strikes a balance between playfulness, cuteness, and health-consciousness, offering contentment to its customers.

By combining a light, sweet blue wall shade with natural textured forest brown marble and jute fabric as accents, the interior space creates a unique and distinctive atmosphere, setting it apart from numerous competitors.

The brand and interior design complement each other, reflecting the same values and ideas. This synergy creates a wholesome character and atmosphere that is distinctive to Nilaya's Dryfruits.

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