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The Beige

The Green

The Blue

Interior Design

Ahmedabad, 2021

This series of small scale bathroom renovations shows that small size does not matter to create a luxurious and exciting ambiance. As the existing bathrooms had to be renovated, as the plumbing was aged and the layouts did not suit modern requirements, the three bathrooms got renovated up to their core. The layout got newly planned in order to accommodate spacious shower areas and functional wash areas. To create a feeling of wellness and sublime each bathroom got their individual character and aesthetics.


The Beige Bath

A rich and soothing combination out of dark brown stone texture, highlighting the shower corner. Ripples beige stone texture, introducing a natural effect and creating an unusual element. White marble for highlighter shelf and table top to create the base for the extravagant sanitary ware.


The Green Bath

Creating a classy, almost royal ambiance with a combination out of  wild, dynamic green onyx texture. Green marble as tabletop and detailed boarders and a smooth finished green, beige flooring which extents up the walls. This bathroom with its corner mirror lets you take a full bath in the green shades of onyx.

The Blue Bath

Rather joyful and playful, this bathroom creates a smile on everyone's face not only through its unusual use of compact space, but also its bold colour combinations are a point of uniqueness. The rich blue, stone pattern, invites you to dive in an natural, almost galaxy kind of pattern. The blue finds its contrast in a bright shining yellow Jaisalmer stone which highlights the basin area, edges and corners. The white tiles with minor blue sprinkles create the calming element in the combination, smooth in its finish and spacious in its white colour.

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