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The Beige

The Green

The Blue

Interior Design

Ahmedabad, 2021

This series of small-scale bathroom renovations demonstrates that size doesn't matter when it comes to creating a luxurious and captivating ambiance. Since the existing bathrooms required renovation due to aging plumbing and layouts that didn't meet modern requirements, all three bathrooms were extensively remodeled. The layouts were redesigned to accommodate spacious shower areas and functional washing areas. Each bathroom was given its own unique character and aesthetics to evoke a sense of wellness and elegance.

The Beige Bath

Featuring a rich and soothing combination of dark brown stone texture, with a focus on highlighting the shower corner. The addition of ripples beige stone texture introduces a natural effect and creates an intriguing element. White marble is used for the highlighter shelf and tabletop, forming the foundation for the extravagant sanitary ware.

The Green Bath

Designed to create a classy and almost royal ambiance, this bathroom showcases a combination of wild, dynamic green onyx texture. Green marble is used for the tabletop and detailed borders, while the smooth finished green and beige flooring extends up the walls. The presence of a corner mirror allows you to immerse yourself fully in the green shades of onyx.

The Blue Bath

Radiating joy and playfulness, this bathroom brings a smile to everyone's face, not only due to its clever use of compact space but also because of its bold color combinations that make it truly unique. The rich blue stone pattern invites you to dive into a natural, almost galaxy-like pattern. The blue is beautifully contrasted with bright shining yellow Jaisalmer stone, which highlights the basin area, edges, and corners. The white tiles with subtle blue sprinkles provide a calming element to the combination, offering a smooth finish and a spacious feel in their white color.

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