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Utsav Bungalow's No. 11

Interior Design

Ahmedabad, 2018


With small cabinets, dark wood shutters and a heavy design of the 80’s, the kitchen at Utsav Bungalow’s No. 11 needed a new, bright and lavish design. The project started with enlarging the kitchen and opening up towards the living room, through breaking of walls and structural changes in the old house. To gain more open space without losing on storage space, full height cupboards with a bright, glossy surface enlarge the space visually. The settled material combination of white clean surfaces, dark wood and light grey textured granite is getting lived up by sea blue mosaic and diverse niches as highlighters. We created a clean and spacious design without loosening on practicality and classy style which creates the relation to the old house and character of its owner.



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