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Input-A Intro  Architecture Interiors Graphics Layering architecture, design and art towards a timelss

Home is a process. The steady transition from a blurry vision to concrete dimensions, up to life which slowly takes over the side. The bungalow first floor extension for the next generation of the Ravat family is an incomparable example how through basic, economical architecture a feeling and well being can get created once thought through with sensibility and care. The space holds nostalgic atmosphere, remembering the family's late Pol House in old city, Ahmadabad. Here the bare essentials make it whole and turn an actual unfinished space into a wholesome experience of home. Through an architectural language away from attention grabbing and seeking, the space gives a sense of vernacular and timelessness.

For us as architects was the aim to find a design language, subtle but with impact, functional but unconventional. The basic structure of the design consists out of rigid blocks, diagonally cut and opened up through characteristic windows. The basic, functional layer gets enriched through a swinging roof, lightly balancing on stilts, dancing along with the roof. Like a veil the stilt pipes create a play of light and shadow, adding a dynamic layer to the gatehouse. The series “Spaces & Thoughts” explore the aspects of interior design. Our approach to design is guided by the knowledge about how spaces affect us and others. Our guideline to design is considering combinations and relations. Our aim to design is to achieve a space which feels complete towards a timeless way of living.

The series consists out of three topics.The Urban Redensification Projects “Urban Density Two.O” tries to achieve thoughtful and innovative architectural interventions in order to increase the density in the city centres of urban India in a healthy and sustainable manner. Bringing a change to the current situation where empty plots adjoin high-rise developments and independent bungalows adjoin dense slum settlements, the interventions try to even out the unequal living conditions by providing more habitual space in an already developed urban scene. By finding niches for innovative developments and sites of potentials for expanding the existing living space, the project creates academic proposals for a healthy cityscape of the future. “Character of Things” “Spaces for Mental Peace” “Architecture and Emotions” Input-A IntroArchitecture Interiors Graphics

At Input-A, architecture aims high intangible quality through sensible and thoughtful interventions. Our Interior Designs are holding the essence of the users' subconscious understanding of home and well-being. We are layering architecture, design and art towards a timeless way of living. We believe that essential impacts on our self are the aesthetics of our immediate surroundings. To live, work and be in a space of high grade in its design, material and atmosphere is important in order to increase your wellbeing and abilities as individual or organization. We, as Input-A believe strongly in a three dimensional approach towards design, by developing aesthetic answers to all layers of our surrounding. In our understanding we deliver not only architecture as envelope but create solutions within architecture, through design and art for an experience unique for our clients or their brands. By combining all layers of space design, from architecture, interior, furniture, branding, graphic design and art, our team offers our clients a unique and complete solution to their ideas and projects. 

Architecture, Ahmedabad, Input-A, Interior Design, Product Design, Graphic Design, Architect Branding, Art,, 7435913813 8141247970Shivani Khatri Principal Architect B. Arch CEPT India Born in India and qualified as architect at CEPT University in Ahmedabad, she adds sensible and expressive creativity to the team. With a strong inclination towards drawing and painting, she brings her views and perspectives on paper. Jakob Julian Nürnberger Principal Architect B. Art TUM Germany Grown up in Germany, studied at TU Munich and CEPT University, he resides between the two cultures of Germany and India. As creative planner, practical head and digital designer he enriches the team with his technical creativity.Home Extension Architecture Anjali Entrance Door Interior Design Urban Density TwoO Architecture Spaces and Thoughts Interior Design Altius I Interiors Interior Design MRT Factory Facade Architecture Plum Facade Architecture Mahalaxmi Booth Frankfurt Exhibition Design Branding Gatehouse Sabar Pipes and Pumps Architecture Imprint Booth Delhi Exhibition Design Branding CEPT University Admissions Branding Glorious Public School Architecture Villa 363 Interior Design Utsav Bungalow No11 Interior Design INC Idea to Incorporation Branding Aarohi Agha Interior Design Imprint Booth Shanghai Exhibition Design, Branding Karnavati Hospital Office Interior Design Pravy Wellness Interior Design, Branding Vase Tetris Product Design Washbasin Lotus Product Design Jain Upashray Architecture Coca Cola Popsicles Product Design Bhagatram Traditional Village Restaurant Interior Design, Branding Gandhi Jayanti  Graphic Design Asked and Clicked Photography Heritage Revival Research, Architecture City Scapes Poster Graphic Design Mera Agra Product Design Fatum Graphic Design Baby Bowl Swing Product Design Community Centre Shantipura Architecture Input-A.ttf Fonts Graphic Design Bal Bhavan Centre Architecture. Input-A IntroArchitecture Interiors Graphics "Layering architecture, design and arttowards a timeless way of living."

"Layering architecture, design and art
towards a timeless way of living."

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