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Input-A About

We believe that an essential impact on our self are the aesthetics of our immediate surrounding. To live, work and be in a space of high grade in its design, material and atmosphere is important in order to increase your wellbeing and abilities as individual or organization.

At Input-A, architecture and interiors aim intangible quality through sensible interventions. Holding the essence of a subconscious understanding of well-being.


We, strongly believe in a three dimensional approach towards design, by developing aesthetic answers to all layers of our surrounding. In our understanding we deliver not only architecture as envelope but create solutions within architecture, through design and art for an experience unique for our clients or their brands. By combining all layers of space design, from architecture, interior, furniture, branding, graphic design and art, our team offers our clients a unique and complete solution to their ideas and projects.  

"Layering architecture,

design and art towards

a timeless way of living."

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