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Glorious Public School


Himmatnagar, 2018



The images students associate with
their school are mostly related to
the school buildings and strong
architectural elements.

Breaking Monotony

Studies proof that students achieve
better results in school in spaces which
give them a variety of experiences.
For this it is important to break the
monotony of regular school buildings
with classrooms aligned towards one
straight corridor.

Space Variety

To avoid fights and support a healthy
school community, it is important
to offer different spaces, suited for
different age groups. While small
children needs a controlled and
protected play area, elder students
need open sport field while older
students need separate seating area
where private communications can

Group Spaces

As important as spaces which express
individuality it is important to offer
spaces where groups can gather.
Outdoor classes in the shade, garden
areas for special classes and the big
plaza as centre are initial not only
for school purposes like sports and
flag hissing but also as space to come
together as a big school community.



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