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Mahalaxmi Exports Booth


Exhibition Design, Branding

Frankfurt, 2023

For the second year in a row, we are representing Mahalaxmi Exports at Europe's largest exhibition for home and contract textiles. The client boasts a three-generation history in textile manufacturing. For many years, our client has been showcasing their latest trends in bedsheets and home textiles to an international audience at Heimtextil in Frankfurt.

The stall follows the design tradition established in our previous booths. It creates a classic yet playful atmosphere with diverse niches for product display. The platform steps subtly recede, featuring tones of beige, wood, white, and grey. The niches accommodate various displays, ranging from full-size panels to 6-meter-long hanger displays, seamlessly integrated into the wall to achieve optimal lighting conditions.

The key objective of the design is not to overshadow the collection but to provide a refined and sophisticated platform for showcasing the textiles.

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